Double Sided Backdrop that will Improve your Blog Photos!

Improve your blog photos with this easy to make 2 sided backdrop - Lil Mrs. Tori

My blogging friends! This post is for you!

Doesn’t it seem like the majority of bloggers have really interesting tables, counters, or floors that they photograph their latest project on? Yeah. Me too. The chances are high they are using a backdrop.

I am always looking for different surfaces to photograph my crafts on.  If I am going to take the time to craft
my project and then blog about it….my photo needs to look great!  I have a few canvas backdrops but I wanted something that had depth to it.  I often find those backdrops can show up flat in photos.  So, I decided to make this wooden plank/chalkboard backdrop.  It wasn’t too tough and I spent under $20 to make it! Score!

I am not a big power tool gal. In fact, all I used for this project was a box cutter. Just my speed.

Here is what you need:

6 – 4′ x 2′ Poplar Hobby Board (found at Home Depot)

1 – 2ft x 4ft – MDF board

Box cutter // Wood Glue // Stain// Chalkboard Paint // Brush


You will want to measure your MDF board. I placed all 5 of my poplar boards out then traced them.


Using your box cutter, cut the board following the lines you traced.


Pick out your favorite stain and stain your poplar boards.  I choose Sun bleached. It was what I had on hand.


Paint one side of your MDF with chalkboard paint.


Glue your planks on the board. I wanted my boards spaced out just a tad.


Let your planks dry overnight. You can also clean up any rough edges with the box cutter.

That is all there is to it!  Here are some blog photos where I have used my new backdrop.


Mason Jar Pencil Holder

The white background is just a white poster board.


See…up close you can’t even see the board underneath.

Hexagon Art

Here is a photo where I propped up the chalkboard side behind the project.




I love my new backdrop and because I like to keep it real. Here is what it really looks like when I am photographing my projects.


Nothing very glamorous about that!! My house looks like a toy bomb went off pretty much 99% of the time. You will never see that in my photos. I clear it all out of the picture or it gets cropped! Sneaky, I know.  Hope this tutorial helps you improve your blog photos!!










20 Responses to “Double Sided Backdrop that will Improve your Blog Photos!”

  1. Amy W says:

    Ha. Love it. Glad to see other blogger’s homes are toy bombs, too! Great idea for the backdrops!

  2. Dawn says:

    OMG!! Love this!! What a great idea! I’ll be trying it out this weekend! ;-) Thank you for sharing! Dawn @ 730 Moments

  3. Nice! I love the Sunbleached stain. :)

  4. My favorite is the random bowling ball, ha ha. I LOVE posts that show what really happens behind the scenes…plus, you have my gears turning with how I can DIY my own backdrops now. I love how resourceful you are in making this double-sided, too. Thanks so much for sharing this gem of a post, Tori!

    • Tori says:

      Haha! Yes. Random bowling balls are quite common in my house. B has informed me that he wants to be a ‘bowling champion’ (his words) when he grows up. So yeah – he likes to practice bowling in the living room. haha:) Yes! I am always looking around my house or outside for fun backdrops. :)

  5. I’m so glad you shared this tutorial! I really want to make something like this! Yours looks so great, and your photos are always so pretty! And I’m glad to see your “zoom out” shots look a lot like mine, too ;-)

    • Tori says:

      Awe! Thanks Meredith! It was so simple to make and really has made a difference in my photos. Yes! Nothing too glamorous about my photos if you were to see the whole picture!

  6. Julie says:

    You are a genius, this is genius! I’m still struggling to make the nice photos that are in my head a reality, this may bring me one step closer. I had a big sheet of thick white paper, but bled all over it the other day (paper cut I hadn’t noticed) so now I have rather unattractive brownish red streaks all over it – not really the classy look I am going for. These boards will be next weekends project for sure. thanks.

    • Tori says:

      Thanks Julie! Hmm maybe the blood stained paper would look shabby – country chic? no? haha:) Let me know how the background works for you! I can’t wait to see your photos!

  7. Very Smart Tori! I am so doing this :) I love the chalkboard background…it really makes your pictures look great!

    • Tori says:

      Thanks Deonna! I use mine a ton! I love that it has two sides so I can flip it over quickly and get a whole new picture.

  8. Hi Tori!! I searched around your blog for the tutorial for the little car roll up “clutch”, but couldn’t find it. My little man LOVES cars and this would be such a genius way to keep them all together when we’re out in public. Any way you could point me in the right direction? Thank you so, so much! Not only do I love that car case, I’m loving the background tutorial. I’ve just been using white poster board for everything… booooorrrring….. this is on my to-do list, now! Thanks for always being so inspiring!

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  10. I love this post. Made my double sided backdrop over the weekend and I’m in love with it already! Thank you so much for sharing this project.

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